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Keymaster Pro 4RF

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Keymaster Pro 4RF

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Keymaster Pro 4 RF allows to copy as much as possible wide spectrum of electronic keys as contact type(Touch Memory, iButtons), and contactless radio-frequency (RFID) transponder labels, and is positioned as the equipment for a professional workshop (locksmiths). Duplicator Keymaster Pro 4 RF is created taking into account experience received at working out of series KeyMaster Pro and wishes of our clients, is accessible under the price and is capable to replace with itself set of expensive separate devices, such as Silca RW3, Bianchi 883, TCR4000 and others. Moreover, Keymaster Pro 4 RF contains such possibilities which are inaccessible to more expensive models, namely copying of the most widespread contactless labels EM-Marine applied in on-door speakerphones and other identification systems of access , carried out, as a rule, in a kind and plastic cards. Also in the new device all functions of previous versions Keymaster Pro support of all spectrum of keys of standard Touch Memory are kept. Moreover, Keymaster Pro 4 RF it will be constantly supplemented with new possibilities. At occurrence of a new format of a key, or for new function, you don’t need to buy the new device, and only to update an insertion through the computer connected to the Internet

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